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We make each guest feel privileged.

The Cramst Group has stood out over the years because it offers a range of high quality communal refreshments and catering.

We have been chosen by companies, associations, social-assistance and school organizations, as well as important industrial and commercial enterprises. We provide them with an accurate and efficient service, and above all a warm welcome. We have several different premises in this sector, extending our services to other regions as well.  The “Al san Francesco” restaurant in Orvieto and the “Il Baratto” restaurant, a focal point between  Assisi, Foligno and Perugia, in the regional exhibition centre “L. Maschiella” of Bastia Umbra. The meals for numerous groups are prepared in these restaurants, with good and healthy ingredients, respecting the traditional Umbrian gastronomy.

Our  cooks are of an exceptional level, even when catering for large numbers of people,  while maintaining the modern vocation of hospitality and offering an excellent quality price ratio. Thanks to the most modern techniques of packaging and transport, we guarantee the highest level of hygiene, freshness and fragrance.

Furthermore, our restaurants are available for sports or social groups, meetings or company training programmes. We can organize the same type of service both directly on our premises and when delivering meals that have been pre-prepared and packaged in our cooking centers, in individual or multi-portions.

The following have chosen us with pleasure.

Since 1975 until today for brief or long periods:
Mabro, Italmobili, Geosonda, Perugia Hospital, Orvieto Hospital, Marcia della Pace di Assisi, Umbra cuscinetti Spa, Orvieto Guardia di Finanza School, Perugia and Assisi Police Stations, Mineral Water factory Sangemini Spa,  Santa Maria degli Angeli Elementary School. Film companies:  Albatross entertainment Spa, Aran Endemol, La Dolce vita produzioni, Lux Vide Spa, Palomar Spa and many others.

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