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Special care is reserved for those who visit our land.

We have always been used to welcoming those who visit our land. We are proud of our hospitable tradition which is one of the reasons for the constant growth of tourism in Umbria. A region with many characteristics unique to the territory and a civilization that has been able to express and conserve an ideal way of living, balancing men’s requirements with that of nature. The restaurants in the Gruppo Cramst have used this model, harmoniously blending it with the environment and urban context of important cities of art. We are in the ideal position to serve groups or individuals when visiting Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, Spoleto, Todi, Terni and the wonders of the Umbrian world in general. Art, culture, history, enogastronomic traditions: a perfect cocktail that makes our region the land of the “Buon gusto” (Good Taste). Tourists are very welcome in our restaurants, with a wide choice on the menu, which can be adapted to suit different needs or the time available, from an immersion into the flavours of Umbrian cuisine to the rich and cheap packed lunch. “Tourists with Good Taste” who are interested in informative wine and produce tasting sessions will be fascinated. Further more, there are numerous enogastronomic events in the area, such as “Orvieto con Gusto“, “Eurochocolate“, “Agriturismi a porte aperte“, “Mostra nazionale del tartufo di Fabro“, etc.

Groups can sample a triumph of flavours with us.


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